Coding - How To Get Started

This was about America - but I think it applies to every country
the world over. Programming should be considered part of the
maths curriculum.  
I recently saw this little film about how people should learn to code and also was contacted by a chap who wanted to know how to get started with web design and if php is the way to go. 

Having kids I did do a lot of thinking about how to get them interested in programming. I realise that a lot of people think PHP sucks big time and should not be taught. However, I believe it is better to get people interested and then teach them more technically advanced stuff. PHP is 'the big easy' and a great way to break into programming! I would rather 100 people learned PHP and had to unlearn some bad habits than 1 person learn Haskell perfectly from the get go.

I think PHP is the way I would have gone if any of my kids had been interesting in coding (quiet sob) and it is the way I do go when people ask how to break into programming. Here is that I said in the skype conversation:

[05/03/2013 21:12:10] Nerds Central: Wow - that is a big question.

[05/03/2013 21:12:25] Nerds Central: I'd see if you can find any tutorials on the internet to get you started.

[05/03/2013 21:13:00] Nerds Central: I might not be the best person to ask the question to as I have been programming for 30 years and learned to code a long time before PHP was invented.

[05/03/2013 21:13:56] Nerds Central: Usually PHP is run along with Apache - I think that there are some easy to install combinations of the two for downloading and installing on windows. Editing PHP its self - well I just use a text editor like JEdit. But, as I say, I am not your regular PHP developer.

[06/03/2013 09:15:40] Nerds Central: Hi - just remembered that starter PHP/Windows package name - check out this -

[06/03/2013 09:17:13] Nerds Central: Then check out this - I still use w3schools to check stuff up when I have forgotten it. I only use PHP occasionally nowadays :) finally check out which has all the manuals and a full description of the language.

[06/03/2013 09:17:26] Nerds Central: Good luck - let me know if you get started and if you have any success :)
For the record - I earn my living writing C++,C and Java with a smattering of COBOL and C# etc.  But for web coding - PHP is still my goto tool because it is cheap, effective and easy.

Partly I was inspired by video which is knocking around (I saw it on facebook) from which that image was taken (fair use as it is an American video and Google is an American company which hosts this blog - blar blar blar). I think it glosses up the life of a programmer quite a bit! It is life Hollywood movie sex - no one farts or has a period! But, compared to a lot of careers, you could do a lot worse. Further, coding is a very good way into systematic and analytic thinking which has immediate feedback. Yes - I do think it should be taught for the greater good.

Here is that video [try not to punch the screen - he is not on it much...]:

To add editorial balance to this piece:
Mark Zuckerburg death joke
I am not that keen on the guy - can you tell?