SoundCloud's Codec Ruins Audio :(

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If you go down to the Sound Cloud today you're sure of a big surprise. 

If you think that it will sound good in anyway, your sure of a big surprise.

Because there is doubt about, their codec has absolutely no clout. 

It is so crap that you should use an-other party!

[To the tune of the Teddy Bear's Party]

So, the teenagers are all a twitter about Sound Cloud. It has a good ring to it and the idea is cool so I thought "Why not have a go?" Well - I can tell you why not - because it sucks. The idea is to upload your music so your friends and other interwebbers can go listen, comment and build a happy clappy community. 

But - the sound quality is useless. I will not be uploading any more sound clips to Sound Cloud because their technology is not sound. It uses far too great a level of compression on the stereo field and fails completely for very wide stereo effects. So, if you know about mixing and want to make something sound good - Sound Cloud will make it sound bad again! Basically, only use Sound Cloud for uploading a bedroom recording of pissing about on a guitar; anything else and it will not do you work justice.

Here are three renderings of the exact same signal.

Sounds Cloudy:

Free! Internet Archive:


Yes - even Youtube sounds better (if you set it to HD).

You have been warned!